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Ethan Blanton elb at
Fri Feb 1 22:06:05 EST 2008

Youness Alaoui spake unto us the following wisdom:
> I use mutt over a terminal as mail client, and it doesn't recognize
> the list, so I need to do a reply-all, which I am really not used to
> doing..  I prefer the reply-to header as this makes it much easier..
> for me at least... we could try to vote on who wants it and who
> doesn't (or don't care) then decide.. I would vote for having a
> reply-to header.

Put 'subscribe openim at' in your .muttrc, and it will
recognize the list.  You will then have three reply options -- 'r' for
reply to sender, 'L' for reply to list, and 'g' for reply to all.
This is the correct way to handle things in any sane mailreader.  Mutt
has fantastic support for mailing lists.

> Subject mangling would be nice, helps me see what was sent where, but
> it's not necessary at all, so I really don't mind it the way it is.


* ^List-Id: <openim\.imfreedom\.org>
    SUBJECT=`formail -c -xSubject:`
    | formail -I "Subject: [openim] $SUBJECT"

in your .procmailrc.

While I don't feel *too* strongly about reply-to mangling (it's
obviously wrong and broken, but easy enough to hack around if you have
to with rare ill-effects), subject mangling is a *really* bad idea.


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