Getting started on AIM and Yahoo protocols

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at
Wed Feb 6 18:27:13 EST 2008

Alan Humpherys wrote:
> I added some basic starting pages for the Yahoo and AIM protocols on the
> Wiki, and am interested in finding out who else on the list may be
> interested in documenting those protocols.

I'll ping my Jabber transport developer friends again...

> By the way, I believe we need to do something to prevent spambots from
> taking over the site.  We should either  disable account creation or use
> some sort of a "captcha" on account creation or page submission to slow
> down the spammers.
> Does anyone know if MediaWiki supports that type of spam prevention?

There are probably some plugins for that.

FWIW, at we ask potential contributors to ping a
sysadmin for posting privileges. I think the community of people who
might update the openim wiki is small enough that such a requirement
would not be a major imposition.


Peter Saint-Andre

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