Suggestions to Pidgin developers (continue)

dima dovangador at
Tue Jul 13 12:19:11 EDT 2010

Well hello!

Here are some suggestions i think may be interest to Pidgin community:
9. Im not found better place to make my suggestions. So on...
10. I like Jabber protocol, coz i very interested in free open 
technologies. Why not all software open? Why appear open software? How 
it relay? Anyway open is better, coz walls decrease love! My suggestion 
is complete Jabber support or remove them forever, coz Pidgin is very 
fine, but not enough for Jabber, and Psi is not fine for most simple 
users but have nearly complete support for Jabber.

P.S. Im not run Gajim on Windows XP Pro. Why its just do nothing after 
click on icons?


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